Accounting & Online Services

BHHC offers a wide range of accounting and online services including:

Final Audit

Accurate and timely audits help us report premium basis and loss data to the rating bureaus, which may impact the premiums our customers pay in the future. This Final Audit of payroll records is conducted 90 days after the policy term expires in order to determine the actual payroll exposures during the policy term.

Service Audit

We provide Service Audits for select customers who have expressed a desire to more closely approximate their workers compensation costs at the beginning of the policy term. This audit can help address concerns regarding specific classification rules, timecard regulations, experience rating, exclusion of officers, and more.

Billing Information & Online Monthly Payroll Reporting (MPR)

Online billing information and monthly payroll reports provide a breakdown of your current and prior transactions by policy year and policy number. Customers can also complete and submit their monthly payroll report online and download previously completed reports and blank MPR forms for any payroll reporting period.

Questions regarding online services and registration may be directed to BHHC's Customer Care Center at (888) 495-8949.

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